HD 25 cables

Product Details:

All HD25 downlead cables can be used with all HD25 split headband models.

The exception is non split headband model HD25 SP and HD25 basic you must order part 523878 as the driver cable socket is on the top not the bottom of the ear shells.

A straight cable can be used on a HD25 C-II, in addition you will require a cable clamp 044433.
Replacement steel cables offer slightly improved tensile strength over copper cable head phone leads.

HD 25 & 25-1
HD 25 Adidas Obsolete
HD 25 Light 523878
HD 25 1-II 523874
HD 25 C-II 523877
HD 25-II 523876
HD 25 SP 069427
HD 25 SP-II 523878
HD 25 SP1 069427
HD 25-13
HD 25-13-II

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