EM 3732-II

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Name Code Price  
EM 3732-II Locking washer round087900£0.67
EM 3732-II Torx T10 Countersunk screw084389£0.18
EM3031 EM3032 EM3056 EM3732-II Rack Handle charcoal-grey057519£6.16
EM3632-II Power supply with NTC528176£122.69
EM3732 Angle foot and screws set= 2 angle, 4 feet090818£51.30
EM3732 Front module complete540380£389.57
EM3732 Hexagon nut 3/8 inch087899£0.67
EM3732 II Lens screw084396£0.08
EM3732 Knob with cap 12mm round529721£21.11
EM3732 Knob with cap 20mm round541343£14.80
EM3732 Pan head screw087970£0.08
EM3732 Rotary switch087901£55.78
EM3732-II Flex connector 10-pin522201£4.25
EM3732-II Flex connector 50-pin522005£2.81
EM3732-II Lens screw085516£0.18
EM3732-II Lens screw 2.5 x 8mm084359£0.08
EM3732-II Mains plug in socket084376£2.16
EM3732-II Optical waveguide round093826£1.43
EM3732-II RF cable 0.14m long 50 ohm impedance522087£17.72
EM3732-II Rear panel600570£62.38
EM3732-II Receiver Housing057553£105.50
EM3732-II Screw with washer522452£0.18
Pan head screw for various EM receiver models M3 x 5mm087835£0.08
Torx Screw T10 various models052145£0.08
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